The Rules and Details of Alryx


There are ten basic playable species on Alryx: Humans, Gnomes, Elves, Brownies, Sprites, Centaurs, Da’chk, Saurians, Lizarrds and Slith. These species are diverse, representing the different worlds from which they came. While there are similarities between species, breeding between them is not genetically possible (though magic can change these rules).

The history of a species is important to note, in that it affects how they perceive the world in which they live. More important to how it thinks however, is the biological makeup of a species. A brownie is only 1 foot in height, and that will affect its outlook quite differently than a human, as the world in human lands is built for a being around 5 to 6 feet in height. Also, the desert-dwelling slith, who have no legs, do not blink, and have no vocal cords, will not hold the same outlooks as a human could. Singing and ladders are foreign concepts to a slith. Their range of weather comfort is different, too, liking the warm deserts instead of forested temperate zones. The idea, then, is to realize what features a species has, and play the role of that species from this perspective.

Prejudices are a major factor to consider when playing another species, too. While individual members of a species vary considerably, there are tendencies for certain reactions between average members of any two given species. These reactions, which can be friendly, hostile, indifferent, cautious or more, are usually the result of racial outlooks, frequency of contact, or even the way the species’ physical form is perceived by an individual. For example, humans often find slith to be gruesome, because they closely resemble snakes. Da’chk, too, are viewed as big bugs by many humans. Elves and sprites are often viewed as beautiful, while gnomes are generally seen as dumpy and crude. Individual humans can have very different opinions of another species of course, but these are general outlooks on average for humans.

Each species is summarized below. Some of these species have modifiers to their attributes, skills or specializations. These adjustments do not affect the attribute, skill or specialization directly, but rather add or subtract to each roll made that includes the specified statistic. These are cumulative, so a species that has 1 to Agility and +1 to Dodge would roll (Agility +1) + Acrobatics + (Dodge +1).

Humans are unique among the inhabitants of Alryx physically for their five-fingered hands. They vary widely in hair, eye and skin color, size, and attitudes. Humans came to Alryx from Earth over six hundred years ago when a portal opened between the two worlds. They brought with them livestock, pets, and varied plants and settled the new land as humans do so readily. The portal remained open for nine years then closed abruptly, sealing off the recent settlers from returning home.

Medium size
Base speed is 3 mph

Gnomes live deep in the forests, secluded from the majority of society as a whole. They are a peaceful and private people, but on occasion have business with other sylvan species, such as elves and sprites. Considering they enjoy the same sort of climate, they often live in the same lands, and are one of the five governing species of Lairenore. Some gnomes, however, are much more sociable, and take up life in human cities. Often, they can be found wearing the traditional red, pointed cap. They are about half the height of the average human, but have very large noses, about the size and shape of a potato. Their skin is a deep, ruddy brown color, though surprisingly smooth in complexion. The men often grow beards, but do not grow mustaches. Gnomes are among the oldest species on Alryx, their origin long lost through the ages. They likely came through as most races do, through a portal to their world, though any records of this planet have been long lost.

Small size (1 Dodge and Attack rolls, ½ carrying capacity)
Base speed is 2 mph
Attributes 1 Agility, -1 Strength
Skills +1 Stealth
Specializations +1 Dodge
Low-light Vision: Gnomes can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination and still retain the ability to distinguish color and detail.
Gnomes can speak with burrowing mammals (badger, fox, rabbit, etc.). This ability is innate to gnomes.

Elves are reclusive creatures that stand about 4 to 4 1/2 feet in height. They consider themselves forest guardians, though many have been known to live in cities. Most elven cities are grown into the treetops of ancient forests, especially around Lairenore, where they are considered the dominant species. They are lithe and graceful, and rely more on quickness and stealth than on brute strength. Elves have a slightly greenish tint to their skin that darkens to a light brown in the colder months. Elves are one of the oldest species on Alryx, and have adapted through the countless centuries to life here. They are the founders of Lairenore, a region run by the most elder species of Alryx.

Medium size
Base speed is 3 mph
Attributes +1 Agility, -1 Body, +1 Wisdom, -1 Strength
Skills +1 Stealth, +1 Acrobatics
Low-light Vision: Elves can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination and still retain the ability to distinguish color and detail.

Northern Centaurs value the importance of education and conservation. They are the teachers of how to live within their surroundings, preferring to educate rather than fight. Southern Centaurs, on the other hand, are quite eager to fight for what they believe in. Fierce environmentalists, they will drive out any disruptive peoples from their homeland if they are caught harming it in any way. Centaurs have been here a few centuries longer than humans have. Their original world was very earth-like, and several visited Earth when the human’s portal was still active.

Large size, Quadruped (-1 Dodge and Attack rolls, x3 carrying capacity). Centaurs are large creatures, but they use medium weapons and armor, though they also might employ barding to protect their hindquarters.
Base speed is 5 mph
Skills -1 Athletics
Specializations -1 Ride
Low-light Vision: Centaurs can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination and still retain the ability to distinguish color and detail.
Centaurs are always considered Mounted.
Special attack: A centaur can use his or her back legs to kick an opponent behind him or her in lieu of other attacks. A back kick is th2 Blunt.

Sprites are about the size of a Sprite can. They can fly, too! Considered Diminutive in size, they get all the benefits of being so small, as well as the penalties. Sprites arrived from the same world as the Elves. They generally don’t have the minds for leadership however, so they let the elves construct their government, just as they did in their original planet. Sprites are flighty and care little for politics and the affairs of other species, though they do hold a chair on the council of Lairenore.

Diminutive size (4 Dodge and Attack rolls, 1/8 carrying capacity)
Base speed is 3 mph flying, or 1 mph walking.
Attributes -1 Wisdom, -1 Body, 1 Agility, +1 Charisma

Slith are snake-men. They have the body of a snake, with some shared features of a humanoid, including arms. Slith have true heat vision, unaffected by sunlight. Most people will attack Slith on sight, considering them monsters. This is not far from the truth, as Slith are notorious bandits. ‘Civilized’ Slith are quite rare. A relative newcomer to Alryx, Slith gravitated to the warm desert realms, feeling more at home in an environment similar to their own, original world. Constructing an organized society has been difficult for the Slith, for the first settlers from their world were actually outcasts, sent into the portal to their world for criminal activity. Four centuries of living on Alryx has tempered their volatile natures, somewhat.

Medium size
Infravision: Slith can see living things in the dark up to 90 feet. Infravision is black and white only, showing differences in heat.
Slith have no vocal cords, so cannot speak, though they can hear as well as other species. They communicate via sign language.
Base speed is 3 mph
Attributes -1 Agility, -1 Charisma, +1 Body, +1 Wisdom
Skills +1 Stealth, +1 Toughness, -1 Athletics
Specializations +1 Innuendo, -1 Ride

Saurians belong to a species of dinosaur that has evolved intelligence beyond the rest of their brethren. They are bipedal omnivores that resemble the (Troodon) Ornithomimus, though they can manipulate better with their hands. Saurians speak in a unique language consisting of whistles, hisses and chirps that sound much like a bird. They can communicate over large distances with this language, as they have very powerful voices. This language has many subtle nuances that are difficult to break apart to the untrained ear. Saurians are actually members of an ancient race that evolved from dinosaurs on Earth. Though still not as evolved as humans, they still possess an organized intelligence that has allowed them to survive the ever-changing nature of the Alryx landscape. As dinosaurs, they entered a chance portal millions of years ago, entering another ecosystem on a planet the Saurians call Ch’kallay. There, they evolved into the predominant intelligent species, much as humans did on Earth. Only in the last two hundred years have the Saurians come across to Alryx. Saurian shamans prophesize of the portal re-opening and allowing them to return to their home world once again.

Medium size
Saurians have tails, which gives them a natural +1 to all Acrobatics checks.
Base speed is 4 mph
Attributes +1 Wisdom, -1 Intelligence
Skills +1 Acrobatics, +1 Perception, +1 Stealth, -1 Knowledge
Specializations +1 Swim, -1 Climb

A short kind of plains-dwelling lizard folk, these disagreeable creatures have very long fangs, about 6 inches long, that they use for displays of power. They build huts out of mud and grass, and hunt in groups to bring down prey. They are especially proficient in bludgeoning weapons. They have small tails that show no function outside of mating rituals, and perhaps aid in balance a bit. Lizarrds are one of the few intelligent species that actually evolved naturally on Alryx. As such, they have the ability to communicate with animals, though their social skills are such that it is unlikely any animal would actually listen to what the lizarrd has to say (a Charismatic skill roll vs. Self Assurance with a +5 bonus to the animal).

Small size (1 Dodge and Attack rolls, ½ carrying capacity)
Base speed is 2 mph
Attributes 1 Body, -1 Intelligence, -1 Charisma, +1 Wisdom
Specializations +1 Intimidate

Brownies are very small humanoids, about a foot tall, with frazzled brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin… you get the idea. They live in vast villages that are integrated into the forest and can be hidden from view in a moment’s notice. They often show more courage than they have, for they are proud to be who they are. This often gets individuals in trouble. Brownies are one of the older species of Alryx, having come across from the elves’ home world. They are one of the five governing bodies in Lairenore. Generally, a brownie doesn’t take life too seriously, though they’re not quite as flighty as sprites.

Tiny size (2 Dodge and attack rolls, ¼ carrying capacity)
Base Speed is 1 mph
Attributes 1 Agility, -1 Wisdom
Skills +1 Willpower, +1 Create Item
Specializations +1 Taunt, +1 Architect

Da’chk resemble large bugs. Although they learn languages as easily as other species, they have difficulty in speaking them, because of their different facial structure. Da’chk entered the portal into Alryx about five centuries ago. A naturally diplomatic and intelligent species, the Da’chk immediately started negotiations for carving out their own niche in the surrounding lands, namely the Cander region. They were so successful in their efforts that the Da’chk nation of Tangan, though only a few centuries old, is one of the most peaceful nations on Alryx. Cander’s political temperament has improved considerably from Tangan influence, and is known as the most easy-going nation outside of Tangan itself. Da’chk cities are generally dug underground, with the only surface indication of a city being the air vents and occasional hidden entrance. Da’chk have compound eyes that allow them a very wide field of vision, nearly 360 degrees. Conversely, they do not see detail very well and, not being able to blink as other species can, are a little more susceptible to light based effects. While Da’chk vision isn’t better than human vision, da’chk have a pair on antennae atop their heads which allow them the sense of smell, and allow them to detect subtle movements in the air, giving them a sense of their immediate surroundings. It is little effort for a da’chk to determine the direction of the wind, no matter how subtle. This sense does not allow a Da’chk to detect things at any distance past a few feet, though it does sense fine detail about close objects, compensating for their vision, somewhat.

Small size, quadruped (1 to Dodge and attack rolls, 1x carrying capacity)
Da’chk have a natural Toughness bonus of 4/5/6, but all damage inflicted after Toughness is doubled, as it is similar to breaking bones.
Base speed is 3 mph
Attributes +1 Intelligence, -1 Strength
Skills +1 Diplomacy, +1 Perception, -1 Athletics
Specializations +1 Innuendo, -1 Ride, -1 Swim

The Rules and Details of Alryx

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