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Welcome to Alryx Roleplaying!

There are several things that help the world of Alryx stand out a bit from the rest. Some are what makes any campaign world unique, such as Species. Others are a little more world-defining, like the multitude of Portals. Then of course there is the Rules system, which is what makes my creation a little more unknown to the world at large.

The planet itself

Alryx is a planet of diversity and change. It connects itself to other planes and worlds in order to feed its desire for diversity and change. It’s a fairly hospitable world, with temperate, arctic and tropical zones, deserts, jungles, forests, plains, seas and oceans. It supports a wide diversity of life. Yeah, that’s really great eh?

However, Alryx has two rings which allow easy navigation and orientation, as well as a unique view on things in general. Seeing the rings in the night sky is a reassuring and comforting feeling to most inhabitants.

There are also two moons which make for interesting tides, both of water and of magic. In fact, when the moons are in certain phases, magical Portals open. These portals can be small, temporary things that connect relatively closely, could be planet-spanning doorways that last for days, or, in the event of a moon-cross, could open up to different planes or worlds.

These portals allow a multitude of flora and fauna through, and account for the diverse nature of the planet. There are 10 intelligent Species that are common enough to have their own governments, though many more Species can be drawn from for players.

Playing the game

While the world is a little different in its presentation, the Rules behind the game are a product of several years of work, trying to get things to work right. I’m still not entirely convinced that these Rules work the way I like, but they get closer every day. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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